The Children and Youth National Center is a legal entity of public law established under the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia. The Center was founded in 2007 with a view to facilitating the implementation of state youth policy through services tailored to the needs of Georgian children and youth in the age range of 0-29. To support the fulfillment of the economic, social and cultural rights of the children and youth, CYNC actively supports and implements educational, recreational, sport and cultural activities.

The Center runs two departments, the Programs and Camps Management Department and the Department for Social Integration of People with Disabilities, Special Needs, and Internally Displaced People. The departments organize, coordinate and promote non-formal education, inclusion, healthy lifestyle, employability, participation, volunteering, research and policy in the field of youth. In 2016, the Center is targeted at:

  • providing an enabling environment for the identification, formation and development of intellectual, personal, professional, and physical potential of the youth in Georgia;
  • deepening international relations and cooperation in the matters related to children and youth;
  • fostering patriotic values and promoting environmental awareness, civic values and non-formal education;
  • providing proper care and treatment for groups of children and youth with disabilities, special needs and internally displaced;
  • identification of creatively gifted children and young people and supporting their development;
  • assisting initiative groups in carrying out events for young people, promoting the creation of cultural and educational centers, profile clubs and studios in accordance with the interests of adolescents;
  • promoting constructive use of time amongst children and young people and popularizing healthy lifestyle;
  • promoting the relations between children and youth unions by organizing academic, educational, cultural, entertaining and other events, and providing capacity-building assistance to public organizations working in the children and youth field;
  • carrying out an array of children and youth creativity-based learning, recreational national and international programs (including arrangement of camps), promoting the development of children and youth tourism;
  • popularizing active citizenship, solidarity, tolerance and European cooperation in the youth;
  • for the purpose of implementing the state youth policy, the Center collaborates with the bodies of the executive government within its competence.